SUPPORT: Good afternoon, Help Center.

USER: Yes. Hugo Barneezles here.

SUPPORT: Oh yes, Hugo. You’re the one who purchased the special software for writing humor articles.

USER: Oh, you remember me?


USER: Well, anyway, I’m having a little trouble with the program.

SUPPORT: Okay. What seems to be the problem?

USER: I’m having trouble with a joke.

SUPPORT: One moment, while I get to that screen. All right ... what’s the line?

USER: Well, I got as far as typing in “What has four wheels and flies?” and then the rest of the joke wouldn’t work.

SUPPORT: What happened, exactly?

USER: Nothing I typed in was funny.

SUPPORT: Sounds like it could be a bug of some sort. Try typing in “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

USER: Nothing. Oh—wait a second. I typed “chickne” by mistake.

SUPPORT: No, the program’s not designed for that.

USER: Okay, I typed it correctly. But it’s still not processing. Could it be because the joke is old?

SUPPORT: No, this software is supposed to be backward compatible with all antique jokeware.

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