My original contributions to the world of palindromes:

“No Tar”: A cobra bar, Boca Raton.

A cis roc was I ere I saw Corsica.

“Gee, can a troika do Kodak?”—I or tan ace (e.g.)

T.A.’s nod as belles lettres ed., DesertTel sell E.B.’s ad on Sat.
[Far-fetched academic literary-magazine scenario involving White’s editorial legacy, hypothetical southwestern communications firm, and consenting graduate students.]

No gig? No, sir! One, two! “Caduceus Sue” Cud, a cow tenor, is on! Gig on!

Dr. A-V! Rah, Harvard!
[Ivy League students cheer audiovisual tech who has just repaired lecture hall projection equipment.]

[The next two entries are inspired by the surname Sinisi.]
I, Sinisi. [An autobiography title.]
Is in, is Sinisi. [Sign on office door.]

At NAL, T.A. solos Atlanta.
[Grad student has taken time off from teaching-assistant duties to intern at the New American Library, where she single-handedly manages the publisher’s regional office in Georgia.]

Usonia ain' OSU!
[Said to campuscentric Ohioan architecture students.]

Andrews? NA. Answer? DNA.
[Rather than using a ghostwriter to turn the late V. C. Andrews into a ghost writer, a publisher considers solving the problem of her nonavailability through cloning.]

No tab! Sparse oboes! (Raps baton.)
[It seems the conductor lost his or her temper over the dense oboe arrangement (which was evidently a result of the score’s having been prepared in tablature form).]

Gazelle sig! Sanity be damned! Gosh! Paraphs, Ogden! Made by Tina's Giselle. Zag!

Tonya: Ay. (Not!)

’Tis time Mom emits it.
[—Anna the obstetrician.]

[From my palindromic gift-giving list.]
Al, Lina: vanilla
Ellen, Al, Liv: villanelle

[For audio engineers only.]
a DAT ... ADAT ... a tad data? Tada! Tada!

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