Your letter raises a couple of important questions:

1) Increased allotment of dryer lint.
I agree that this is definitely a must, maybe even a mustard. Mustard lint has a pretty yellow color and—in my opinion, mind you, not anyone else's opinion—really holds a sandwich together. (Cf. my 1994 report on Playing Crazy 8s with a Javelina, which incidentally also makes a nice sandwich ingredient, since I used hummus-colored paper and Pantone “garlic” ink.)

2) On page %, you propose a ceiling on all caps and a cap on all ceilings. I forget what I was going to say about this, but rest assured that I was wearing Scooby-Doo slippers at the time.

In closing, I note that I went down the slide once in 1969 and forgot to say “Wheeeee!” I'll be issuing an erratum to this effect with the next quarterly report.

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