*** Eclectic genius Craig Conley describes his Moon * Fish * Ocean as “a Zen hand game for one, two, or three players,” noting that “Zen disciples play Moon * Fish * Ocean as a form of mindful meditation, or to determine who will chop wood and who will carry water.” He explains that “a less poetic, secular version of Moon * Fish * Ocean is popularly known as ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors.’” I’m honored to say that I had a, uh, hand in this project! You’ll find the one-panel cartoons I scripted on this page at the M*F*O site.

*** I contributed some “additional funny bits” to Craig Conley’s Field Guide to Identifying Unicorns by Sound. At once a reference book, a commonplace book, a work of fantasy and, above all, a volume of wit and playfulness, this unique little tome blends Conley’s signature sensitivity to the awe and magic wrapped up in folkloric phenomena with a mischievous bending of scientific principles to his fanciful purpose. Follow the link to read it online for free or to order a print copy.

*** Is it a work of comparative religion scholarship? Is it a tool for personal growth? Craig Conley's Oracle of the Two-Fold Gods is all of the above ... but it is also, once per chapter, a humor book! I had the honor of creating 22 tongue-in-cheek tidbits to complement the actual guidance and advice contained in the volume.

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